Letters To Alexa

Letters To Alexa Letters To Alexa

Skinny, little blondes are always fun. Especially people having gorgeous bush. So we asked Alexa (whom we showcased within our September ’18 mag) to submit more pics. Along side our demand, we forwarded her some lover mail and asked her if she got over the woman self-consciousness she talked about inside her very first pictorial. “i am amazed by exactly how type your readers tend to be,” she told us. “I’m however not really huge lover of just how skinny Im, but one of several dudes which blogged if you ask me told me that i will be perfect just the way Im. That designed a great deal to myself. And every guy mentioned how defectively they would like to feel my hairy pussy on the dick. This is certainly so fucking hot! I am hoping I have even more sexy letters after these photographs tend to be posted.

“I’m keeping my lover letters inside a package with my sex toys next to my bed. I usually only fantasize within my mind when I masturbate, but recently I’ve been reading the letters and cumming constantly. I really like exactly how many guys complimented myself.”

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